Reply To: Pennsylvania Legislature attempts to “fix” unconstitutional law


The article states, attempts to fix flaws in “m.l”. O well let’s see here, I guess there missing the whole point again about this ruling was based on ex post facto. Left that part out, for the general public to read and understand. So how now is that a flaw hmmmm!, No no wait it wasn’t a flaw until now. It wasn’t one to begin with, it’s a legit ruling by the pa,supreme Court. And its only a flaw for now for registered sex offenders, not a flaw. A foolish attempt by these crazy politicians too keep the money train flowing,now there going back to the older version!. Let me see here, how’s this you can’t fix something that can’t be fixed. I would think that no matter how they write this new construed silly bill, that they can’t bend the fix to Trump ex post facto. Next up to bat the 8,the amendment, cruel and unusual punishment for are new battle.