Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ chuck

Have you read the proposed changes to SO”s H B 1952 Dec. 5, 2017

It tries to net in Pre-SORNA people by these words:

“Any person in this Commonwealth of any sexual offenses, committed on or after April 22, 1996, but before
December 20, 2012 will have to register with the State Police.”

This is not a law as of yet – that is why I been pleading to file a mandamus so hard. I knew this was on the way when I heard DA Freed talking to the Pa. Judaical Committee. He said we need a fix. I cannot hold Muniz off forever – He is admitting that his Cert Appeal is a delay tactic to give the Pa law making a little more time to work on a fix to Muniz and have it in place when Muniz is returned to the PASC for remand hand down to PSP to remove all 18,500 RSO’s from Pa Megan’s Law list pre-SORNA.

Now instead of getting a letter from the PSP telling you that Muniz decision has to remove your name. . . YOU WILL NOW GET A LETTER SAYING,” Due to new law enacted HB 1952 when it is signed by Governor Wolf has superseded Muniz – and you must report to the PSP withing 90 days to register under the new Pa. SO law.

I will say this slow and clear – Muniz now is the law of PA. there is about to be a showdown between the PASC and the law makers of PA.

The courts of the commonwealth will side with the PASC and issue mandamus rights. BUT THE psp WILL IGNORE THE COURT ORDERS.” And then you can sue on punitive grounds that violate Pa. Constitution Article 1 Section 11—— courts are the place to fight the commonwealth on these maters and it will get to the PASC and they will at that time strike down these new provisions of H B 1952 as retroactive and in violation in giving no due process to a hearing in applying this new law without a hearing right, and the government is right back a having to answer arguments to the PASC on: Commonwealth v. Reed; and Commonwealth v. Woodruff ; and Commonwealth v. Muniz. On issues of reputation shaming (the PSP website) no hearing rights facial or actual in acts to show SO’s are a danger to the public – and EX POST FACTO Retroactive application New SO laws. I will not bother you any more on this point I know that I am ringing a bell that no one can hear yet. . . . . . .