Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”



@Dan O, I am impressed. Actually Sandy has a good topic and I’m sure your words of becoming a preacher or minister is commendible. Sure not everybody is called to be a preacher but helping others is what its all about.
Now we all can rant and rave about all this sex shenanigans. Me with my potty mouth or someone taking or over abusing sexual liberties, I believe now today its called sexual misconduct in certain social circles, same thing its all sexual in content, whether physical encounter or verbal encounter.
I’m sure Dan would agree with me on this who can judge another man’s thoughts, his demeanor, or his emotional status. I’m sure we have all lost jobs and such from these offenses that are more alarming as Deliah deceiving Samson. And yes we are all sinners, but here’s one big key to this deliemna, trying is not the way its trusting.
Sure we are all human but did you ever ponder why Paul was used in the bible, He was a chief sinner. It hurts me to see everybody sort of down in the dumps over this sex offender stuff and losing jobs is no good, In fact I had two good demo store companies I worked for and enjoyed setting up in’store demo’s. Those all faded away with this little sex ordeal I am under.
Now I do a bit of personalization and had to create my own business and build it up from scratch but I get by. As far as friends’ go there is only one and He is spiritual and he will never leave you unless you leave him. So lets all make a mission this coming to getting raid of a lot of this sex offender stuff and voice it out. Why do you think the book says Judge not or you be judged or maybe I should of been a bank robber or a soul robber. People can take a piece of your soul if you let them. Remember two wrongs don’t make a right.