Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Chuck

I sense your support on my actions to step forward as your brother to fight for us all. I am not a lawyer and not trying to practice law. just detailing the steps that I am taking hoping others will follow to help themselves.

Can you google Commonwealth v. Reed 168 A.3d 132 (2017) decision of August 22, 2017 and read the PASC order.

When you do ask yourself – what if Reed would have a wait and see – let wait for Muniz decision like PSP is telling all when they call ML section. Muinz became law 30 days after its decision on 17 Aug 2017. Reed did not use the Muniz case, but the court on its own motion appied it to Reed. . . . WHY DID THEY DO THAT?

I will tell you – Muniz is a strong case that has bought down the house of ghost monsterisms of SO’s. The court is fed up with the government pushing to keep adding more and more restrictions to sex offender laws. . . by Ex post Facto applications of law. It is time to stop it.

HB 1952 – that is why freed filed a cert to SCOTUS to buy time to get the Pa. houes the time to get together and make up some new law to cover old law to apply to pre-SORNA people that we suppose to let go under Muniz but we don’t want to let go any one. . . . . . .

Reed in his case did not say a thing about MUNIZ helping his cause. He fought on Reputation shaming of a PSP website posting his information as a tar and feathering him without due process of a hearing. You cannot tar and feather in PA. today without a hearing form somewhere. See Pa. Constitution Article 1 Section 1 and Section 9, and section 11. . . . . . . . Reed won his case on just this point alone not ex post Facto Muniz fight at all. Do you notice that Reed did not wait for Muniz – He filed Mandamus – and Muniz just was added help to him by the PA court during a stay on Muniz. . . . . . I hope you are understanding me. You can wait – but waiting and filing at the same time is better– – it will not hurt. The fear is money for a lawyer. Brain is is that boat, but there are avenues to step your way through the courts if you would just act.

Many say that faith is believing – I say that is only the open door. Faith is action based on belief supported by confidence in what you believe. If you see a man walk a tight rope pushing a wheel barrel across the rope. When he gets to the other side he ask,”WHO BELIEVES THAT I CAN PUSH THE WHEEL BARREL BACK ACROSS THE TIGHT ROPE?”


Not many takers then. . . . . Why……It shows that faith is the action step belief is not the faith. Belief is a wait and see – but faith moves out before it finds out how things will turn out . . . . Faith is action based on belief supported by confidence in what you believe