Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


It’s all good Brian,
We will make it together. Just have to wait it out. I was talking to someone today who thought that Muniz becoming effective was the end of the world. I said why would you leave you kid alone anyways? Some of my neighbors talk about “you can’t let your kids out anymore” when I was growing up, my mamma NEVER allowed us out of her sight unless we were with an adult she knew. PERIOD. She showed up at a sleep over for my sister and wanted to spend the night becuase she didn’t know the mother hosting. All the other parents thought she was crazy.
My mother was thinking about buying us a computer untill she heard someone entered the term “donkey and got back photos of women screwing donkeys. That was the end of that. The first 6 months I left home I saw more porn than I knew existed as a result.