Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Some days I forget I’m an SO, I just get into a rhythm at work and forget for a moment who I am and that’s a good feeling. MY neighbor thinks SO’s aren’t allowed to live in close knit neighborhoods, apartments, trailer parks etc they like to hang out at my house and I think their the ones that reported me to management trying to get me removed from my home but that didn’t work, we never go to their home, it’s also stupid how they think that I don’t know that they know about me being an SO and they think I don’t know that they know, I’m still trying to figure out why they speak to me and my family. They know the police in my area along with some people from the sheriffs office because they talk a lot about who they know on the force, they show us their guns wich I never lay a hand on, I think their fishing for info to get me on some kind of violation but I have nothing that will get me violated, i told my wife I don’t trust them and she thinks I’m crazy, she is not to street smart, I don’t know all this stuff about the constitution but I am learning about it, I never had a long attention span in school due to ADD, history and things like that were boaring to me and I could never focus anyhow , I wish I would have paid more attention or could have , science was more for me, I am more street smart then anything unfortunately growing up around gangs and being part of them.