Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Your fight will help post SORNA’s? Or prevent PA. Lawmakers from putting us back on another registry? I couldn’t fight this the way you do Terry, I would get in front of the judge and they would ask me something I have no idea how to answer, I didn’t even know what a mandamus was until you brought that up on NARSOL , I think if anything I will hire a lawyer, I know it’s not cheep but a lawyer knows a lot more then I do about this and they would gladly drain anyone’s assets for sure.
So once they pass 1952 if they do the PSP won’t automatically remove everyone so once that occurs I will get a lawyer to do all the footwork, this is uncharted territory for me and I am not confident I can do it properly on my own. Maybe Muniz will take another 30 days to see what this 1952 is is all about,