Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


You guys would be amazed how many people think it’s sbsolutely wrong for me to go about my day not even caring about being a sex offender. They believe I shouldn’t even be allowed to be out in public alone. I just ignore them.
I do think they will pass their Muniz Fix because they have to show the public they are doing “something”. I think they know with every fiber in there being that once challenged it won’t pass constitutional muster. However, that problem is Tomorow’s problem. Today, we have to make sure the sex offender don’t go free.
I hope they do stick their nose out at the Pa Supreme Court. If there is one thing Judhes do not like, it’s gocernment officals who think they can just ignore a law or legal principle they do not like.
Come on guys, I have plenty of school debt. Make my day, violate my rights so I can get you to cover my school debt.