Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”



Keep in mind that the legal systems in many states have already made the mistake of wrongfully convicting people of sex offenses and these people are also entrapped into this system. Some of these people are still fighting and will win their case because of obvious mistakes made by over zealous prosecutors and biased judges “wink”. There are some things that cannot be denied in the court of law at the end of the day they have to admit were mistakes of the reversible kind. When one of these people in particular get his freedom back he will go on an offensive against the legal system that they have never seen before and make the state in which he resides hate the sex offender registry because they will have lost so much tax payer money because of it since this is all people really care about anymore. He will then donate a giant amount of this money to NARSOL to further the destruction of this unconstitutional nightmare to the entire USA. The registry will be a smoldering cinder in my day!