Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Brian

HB 1952 is only a House Bill – that has no power to be law as of yet – it is a knee jerk reaction to MUNIZ – and Freed is in it because he knows that the SCOTUS is not going to help him on Muniz – He will try to change the law here in PA- BUT that is not going to work – He will find out that out when this House bill hits the Senate floor to be denovo through to see if it passes constitutional musters – and muster # 1 is Ex Post Facto Muter 2 is Reputation and shaming by being put up on a web site- Muster 3 is due process and appealing PSP decisions showing by facts ho RSO’s are danger to the public other than being put up on a web-site with no rights to say this don’t apply to me. . . .

HB 1952 is a witch hunt as a last ditch effort to keep all RSO in Pa. on the site of Megan’s Law. If they wanted this they show have never expired the old Megan’s Laws – but they thought SORNA would be a one law fits all.

Other state are finding this out the hard way too –
North Carilinia
Now Pennsylvania

Muniz is the law of this commonwealth right now by state rights and protections – because the PASC mentioned the U.S. Constitution Article 1 Section 10 is equal to Pa. Constitution Article 1 Section 17 by dicta and advisory opinion Freed thought the PASC was making a decision based solely on the U.S. Constitution but they were not. They used the PA Constitution and stated that it says the same thing as the Pa Constitution and Freed jumped on this and made it an issue of Federal question on state courts making law over the power of SCOTUS. So Freed appealed on the Federal question – to delay the clock to get to this H B 1952 – Brian I love you as a brother and please keep hope alive in the fight. . .

Freed needed time to pull something together to stop Muniz decision from being law. . . He was the one that fought MUNIZ at the beginning Freed is a sore looser or just a looser in my book.