Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”

Darrel Hoffman

Daniel, if that person has publicly identified himself, you need to sue him in Federal Court for harassment. The law makes it very clear that persons using the registry are NOT to use it to harass or endanger a registrant. Sue the socks off that bastard, and make a public example of him that we will NOT allow people to do such things to us. Now, it is hard when they’re anonymous (or cowardly, is a better word), because you can’t prove who did it and companies like Google (who recently kicked me off from YouTube due to some anonymous complain, so I don’t use them now) will not identify them. The law needs to change on that point that if a person is using the registry to harass and humiliate a registrant, then the registrant will have the right to see who is accessing the information, trace it back to the douchebag, and sue the socks off from them. That’s where this needs to go and if that happens, you’ll see how fast such nonsense will end. Hit them in the pocket book. That’s the answer.