Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”

Daniel Silverman

Thanks, everyone, for your comments here. After reading all the negative posts on other sites and seeing, yet again, my face being posted, my name besmirched, and my company dragged through the dirt, it is good to read something sympathetic, understanding, and supportive for a change.

I loved the work I did and people loved what I created for them, too. I had developed a reputation of being the best at what I did, beating out others for contracts, and even being invited into events to do my work while others had to pay a premium just to be there. I went from not only creating artistic photos for cosplayers and fans, but to working with TV and movie celebrities doing photo ops.

Now all that’s gone. It hurts to have put so much love and effort into something only to have it ripped from you.

However, I refuse to give up. My original photo/art company may be dead, but I have skills I can draw upon. I am primarily an artist. I draw and digitally paint. I’ve created book covers for novels, designed websites, and more. But I also create 3D models and renders. In times past I used to work creating real-time 3D content for small games and real-time training simulations for companies. I recently contacted a company I had worked for in the past creating 3D models for inventors to help them obtain their patents. They are interested in using me as a freelancer, but the work does not start up until about February. So, until then I just need to find a way to make ends meet. The good news is that I can work from home.

Once I get back on my feet, I can press forward and build something else. I refuse to give up and will continue to press forward and pursue my dreams.