Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”

Daniel Silverman

I’ve never filed a lawsuit before. Doesn’t it take money? Money is the one thing I currently do not have. I had spent a little over five years building my company. The first few years were not very profitable as I was getting the name out there, etc., but I was growing each year. Year 4 was fantastic! And it was right after that when this crap started to happen and someone started to contact events about my status. At that point everything just crashed. For the past year I have been scrambling to stay afloat. I am about out of cash and cannot even pay all my bills this month, let alone rent next month.

I am an artist and specialize in 3D computer graphics as well as drawing and digital painting. I am currently freelancing with a patent company creating 3D models and renders for them, but that work won’t start up until February. So, if I cannot even afford, at the moment, to pay my bills, how can I afford a lawsuit?