Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”

obvious answers

Unfortunately you will find the rules of law almost never apply when it is involving people on the registry..
Here is a true story for you that we took all the way to Lansing and to the state police police affairs and the courts.

During a stormy night my daughters were preparing for bed in their bedroom. they came running out screaming that a man was staring in their window at them while they undressed.
I live in the country and it was a heavy thunderstorm so naturally I thought their imaginations were getting the best of them. I told them to go back in their room and get ready for bed and stop playing games.
After about 10 minutes they came out screaming again. Their bedroom was located to the back of the house so this time I went out the front door and snuck around the house to investigate…
Much to my surprise a state policeman in uniform and rain poncho was pressed with his ugly face up against my daughters window to busy enjoying the view to notice me behind him..

I took pictures and forced him off which later involved more police coming out and drama..We went to Lansing, we spoke with the ACLU ect…
We went all the way threw the system and not once did he even deny it!! The tribunal and courts findings were that he was well with in his rights to stalk naked preteen girls because it was the home of someone on the registry so the laws dont apply..There was much more to it and it was much worse but that is just a peek at how the laws do not apply to protect people on the registry or the family’s of people on the registry.. Do not expect justice.