Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”

obvious answers

It has been the story of my life for 20 years…People are not good creatures by nature and anything said otherwise is a fabrication. If you give people the opportunity to do evil and tell them it is acceptable and there is no repercussions 99% of hem will leap to the opportunity..The registry is just anouther government funded social experiment in evil. . Every time I earn my way out of the gutter some jealous slime ball claiming to be a better person that has never earned anything in their lives comes along with the registry to steal everything I have fought for….
I moved out of the country into a 3rd world hole to start over and was able to succeed where I was told it was impossible…. and now the same congressmen who are hitting the news as molesters and rapists are stalking me here and trying to destroy my life thousands of miles away… what is wrong with those people I dont know..
They say we are criminals.. huh… I have never thought about being as criminal as the government that is stalking my family and myself.. I mad mistakes but I took accountability and I paid the price.. It is time they learn to follow their own laws.. Even people who dont speak English as a native language understand what penal and retro active means.. I find it unacceptable ignorance and stupidity that our highest courts claim so much ignorance..