Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


When I first got out of Jail, I was scared of my shadow. I thought for sure people would be waiting with riches and pitch forks at my house. My Probabtion Officer really helped me cope with it all. She said, “don’t dress like a sex offender, don’t talk like a sex offender, and don’t act like a sex offender and you will be fine “

What she meant was don’t have a chip on your shoulder. Don’t think just becuase there are people out there willing to kill you just because of your charges that you cannot live your life. Will it be harder being a sex offender? Yes, it will. However, that DOES NOT mean you can’t get by. If you dress like someone who spends his days on the couch, people are going to react to that. If you always say “Oh, what’s the use. Everyone hates me cuz I am a sex offender. Guess what?? You are NOT going to find the friends you need to rebuild your life.
I have over 5 people who I didn’t event meet until after I was convicted and they are willing to write letters to the Board of Pardons when the times comes on my behalf. Why? Becuase they know who I am. They know I am a hard worker, who deserves a chance st rebuilding.
I didn’t even meet my wife untill afterwards. I remember I was in tears in I had to tell her becuase I was afraid she was going to leave me. Because I was honest and spoke from the heart, she fell in love with me. Unfortunately, there were other reason why we got a divorce.
My point is this: Are there people who will completely judge you because you are a sex offender? Yes there is. However, you will be surprised how many people will help you regardless of what your record says if they believe you deserve it.
Some time you have to wear that Scarlet S with PRIDE. Yes, I am a sex offender and I am rebuilding my life. You don’t have to be my friend you don’t even have to associate with me. However, you will never get to know what an interesting person I am or how good of a firemd I am.
Yes I am a sex offender. I am also a friend, brother, nephew, student, and sometimes a lover. I am so much more than what my record says. Do I regret allowing my friend to borrow my computer? Yes, of course. St the same time, carrying this S around has taught me so many things. That said, I can’t wsit untill I don’t have to anymore.