Reply To: Tenth Circuit COA upholds Oklahoma driver’s license requirement


It is NOT about this law. It’s about ALL of them put together. Each by itself isn’t that bad. I mean who cares if the guy selling you a bottle of beer doesn’t like you. I bet his boss likes your money. Same as the Dr.’s Office. They are there to heal not Judge. As far as showing your ID at the YMCA, if they have an issue with it, go somewhere else. The ONLY way we are going to turn public opinion if we show the public we are just like them. We do everything they do. Then they will get over the feeling they need to know if the guy sitting next to them at the Dr’s Office is a sex offender.
I have a few people that believe they are put on this Earth for the SOLE purpose of telling everyone else I am a sex offender. Not rat out all sex offenders. Just me. Just becuase my niece and nephew live with me and my brother doesn’t have a problem with it.
Don’t be scared to wear you Scarlet letter with Pride!!! YES, I am a sex offender. So what?? Why does that mean I can’t buy a bottle of beer? Why does that mean I can’t go to the Dr.’s Office?? It doesn’t and if everyone didn’t act like this was high school it wouldn’t. Where I live, they tried to say having sex offender in the same town was a safety risk for kids. Not next to a school, but in the same town. It’s just discrimination.

In other words, We all need to GROW UP and not worry about who is doing what legally.