Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”


Sandy you did it again, I never much liked Spiderman, maybe underdog or superman but Spideeeee. I really liked this article as it somewhat relates to my business I do. As far as this sex offender thing. Sure I was scared for the first four years. Each event I did which was being a craft vendor as wine festivals. See I make ceramic tiles and do graphic imprinting on them of the various wine labels of my state which is Virginia. Many events I did but had to report after each event in that county to the local authorities of that county.
I think I missed one reporting and got a little hell from that. Sure my business went down a bit and I lost some winery customers but it doesn’t matter as how many wineries in the whole USA. I try not to go overboard as I also do personalization and photo type items and imprinting them on custom tiles. They say communication is the key and while I feel sorry for Mr. Silverman, I to myself do get down.
I know we all have different sex offenses but an offense one has to have someone to offend. Now people are going to gossip. Who can tame the tongue…… I guess you could say that’s like ” Taming of the shrewd” if you want to say that.. Got to be strong and get back in the game and stand up for justice.
Folks actually James Madison said; We base the nation government on Christian Principals. Now is setting up someone basing some of this sex issues on Christian principals. Cannot one deal and reconcile with each other without getting law authorities involved? Sometimes we all miss the part of Hosea in the bible that tells him to go marry a whore I wonder what that principal was all about? even roman’s would be a good refresher.