Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”


Hey Daniel…

You said;

“Yes, I have kept evidence of what I’ve experienced. I have the emails of shows cancelling contracts with me in order to ensure their attendees are kept safe. I have the emails forbidding me from attending their shows. I have the documents demonstrating the severe financial loss I have suffered”

What you NEED is an attorney to subpoena to get the emails that were sent “anonymously” to these convention organizers, trace them back to the people who sent them and sue the people AND the state SOR for damages since it clearly states on ALL SOR listings that you cannot be harassed.
You can also try to fight to be removed since your time of “punishment” has been completed and being registered is EXTRA punishment.

Listen man, this is what I would at least try to do.
Enough is enough.

Oh, but I’d also send out fliers with a sex offender’s face on them. That face would be Elvis Presley and maybe even Tupac Shakur (he actually did time for a rape) and I’d tell the public in so many nice ways to go “F” themselves 7 ways to Saturday for being hypocrites.