Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”



Then file a lawsuit against the city, the police dept and go after the state police as well. You know, the ones who maintain the SOR. Sue the shit out of them.
Your situation is PROOF of the registry being “extra punishment” and completely unnecessary.

We have to make a stink.

We’re coming to a point in this country where scratching an itch on your ass could be a sexual offense of indecency. This has really done beyond sickening.

I haven’t had any issues like yours where people have harassed me, broken windows or my door and I haven’t had any issues being a convention vendor at various fan conventions since my release from prison.
But if I were to run into such issues, I’d go after the Kanka family with a lawsuit that would spin their heads into outter galaxies. They started this shit. And not all sex offenses are against 7 yr old little angels like THEY (the Kanka family) has made people think.

I have no pity for them any longer. They started this war and we should revert it back to them and end it. Period.