Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


I have to agree with Chuck, employers recognize the harder and more loyal employees, I worked at a place and my old employer was upset that I left, he knew of my registration and reported me to that employer, the owner and manager brought me in in the office and interrogated me, asked if I was am SO I said yes and you did a background check on me before I was hired 3 months prior, I tried to explain what I was charged with and I was not a threat to other employees or society but the owner stoped me and said he didn’t want to know what I did or anything to do with my past, he said everyone makes mistakes and bad decisions at some point in life, he said Brian your a hard worker, you come in early and last one to leave, you put your head down and get the job done, the. He said get back to work.
I also had a coworker who harassed me at the same job , this guy got close to violent with me, I spoke to the GM and we sat down with hr they told the guy leave me alone or you will be fired, I honestly think they would have used some type of legal action against him because he was like my best friend a week later. What you said chuck is 100% true.