Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”


Good afternoon Sue,
I have empathy for you and your grandson. This should have never happened. The system is innocent until proven guilty, well it is quite the opposite. The research is there and was done by experts in the field. But, every time someone’s kid gets hurt they want to make a new law. I am not trying to down play some one’s kid being hurt, that is sad in itself. In turn these laws do nothing but destroy individuals, families and friends, such as the case of your grandson. The law makers don’t care, judges don’t care. People in general run around with blinders on and won’t listen to the facts which are there. When the facts are there and people still don’t listen they in turn become stupid. The fact is the experts need to come before the law makers and present the facts which there are many facts. This should not be a private session, it should be heard on national TV so everyone can hear. I will be praying for you and the situation among others. Because this is not only a problem it is an epidemic of dangerous proportions.