Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”

Cocoa Bliss

All is money in this world… so let’s solve . First is there any sex offender here that work or have access to free news paper advertising ? If so – what news paper or magazine and what state? .. now product producer or manufacturer . Is there any sex offender that manufacture any product ? … now Narsol would be willing to create a label for that SUPPORT SEX OFFENDERS and their children suffering … now we have a company an entity as well and everybody here can have a part and we buy and promote that product. If we do that not only we will make money, solve our problems, our aim would be to look for that product that manufacturer and advertiser. Money moves the world and that is what we need money, product as customers we already have plenty! Personally I would need an investor and a publisher to launch my product and maybe even here Narsol can create a product page like supermarket store online where can post products and Narsol make money and claim the address of sending so making some money for sending as well ( in order to protect private addresses) … I would be so willing with my husband to participate in that initiative. Also create a logo for sex offenders as Scarlatta Letter A ( adulterous) isn’t that what everybody is doing? Suddenly sex offender labeling may be cool and fashionable , not bad and offensive anymore. It is all up to us.