Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”

Terry H.

I am saddened by the ignorance of this story, these Laws and the people that think they are protected by them, however, all I am reading here is what the problems are, I am not hearing any solutions or suggestions to help…So I am offering one, get out there and start living your life and stop complaining about what you can’t do, or who you can’t be or where you can’t go. The situation is what it is so now what you MUST do is decide what’s next. Complaining about this situation changes nothing just like doing nothing changes nothing. Daniel did something and though it did not work at first, he did not quit or give up, his perseverance and persistence will pay off. I find it admirable what he has done and is doing. He has taken responsibility for his life and refuses to stop living. We have to change our lives and create a New Normal and just like anyone else, sometimes it doesn’t work out how we thought it would, but we can not quit and we can’t keep putting ourselves into some “Separate” box even though that is how the world see us. The only true barrier we have is ourselves. The only way to change that perception is to show them we are not what or who they think we are. So if we run and hide, stop living, isolate ourselves and become “UNSEEN” we give them exactly what they want, for us to be gone. You see, they want us to be OUT of Society, yet they want to know where we are at all times, it’s really contradictory if you think about it. So, if we want to live a NORMAL life, create a NORMAL life for yourself. .Just so you know, I have been on the registry for four years and have an awesome life, a supportive family, a great job, I travel all over the US and have re-created my life on my terms, not theirs and no one says a word to me and never has. It can be done, you just can’t quit, you have to do something. It is entirely up to you what’s next.