Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”


Sue Wearethepeople

How do we open people eyes so that they can see the truth about Sex Offenders. For my grandson it was a mistake of age.The age happened to be over the 4 year cut off limit. When he took the plea agreement Tier 1 and 15 years on Megan’s Law. The court made arrangement for the SOAB for a evaluation. This is the Sex Offender Assessment Board next thing you know there were false claims made. Now my sweet grandson who had only been a little over 18 at the time is now a Tier 3 and Violent, which he is not. He wants to start his own business as well. I might help him to do it. The laws are not right, and I want them changed. So what can we do to change people perception? I think it should not be one big container of Alphabet Soup.