Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”


This is a very sad and disturbing story. These individuals who have to bring up other individuals past are mentally ill and probably have a past of their own they don’t want no one else to find out about. It is time this BS stops. These individuals not only hurt the offender, they hurt their family and friends in the process. The sex offender registry needs to be abolished it as done no one any good, only harm. We need to file law suits against these people who are harming innocent people for trying to make a living for themselves. What he was doing was an honorable business and harming no one. Lets look at the true facts, there is only one group that as been treated like the sex offenders are treated today, that is the Jews of world war two. The Nazis marked the Jews in order to know who they were and sex offenders are being treated the same way. Sex offenders are not free in this country, they are dictated to how they will live just has the Jews were. The only way this country will start to forgive to is allow God back into this country, which thin skinned people like these individuals have rejected. I don’t know how many of you are Christians in this forum but I am and we need to come together and pray in agreement on this issue. Have a great day everyone.