Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”


I feel for you, you have greater resolve than I do when it comes to trying to work out in the open. I have a masters degree in a technical field and I dare not even try to do something with that. I have resorted to selling things online as a means to make ends meet. At least with that I dont have to worry about being outed in the wide world of anonymous online retailing.

It seems with all the information you have gathered some lawyer somewhere could make a point of how harmful the registry is using your case or at least file a lawsuit against those who stated or suggested that you are dangerous based on a past conviction (not evaluation) If not, there has to be another legal avenue that would apply to your situation. I myself would be more than happy to donate if money is at issue. We need to show the courts and the people who drag us through the mud how damaging being on a public registry is especially when compared to the fact no empirical evidence exists that reinforces the need for such a registry.