Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”


I have heard many times there’s power in numbers. Instead of sitting here complaining about what others have done and how they have her boss. Why don’t we been together and exclude them. There’s enough people on the registry legally or illegally. That are very very smart people a lot of them dealing with some sort of depression now. why don’t we get together and fight back with what they have given us. If we choose to do business only with ourselves. The chances are it would hurt many people other than ourselves. I have no problem in giving a registry 60 to 70% discount and my business. And overcharging Someone that would hurt me. If they say we must register. Then why don’t we use this registry to empower us. To band together. Helps the people that can’t find jobs work for those who are employers. And keep the people The ones that want to throw stones out.