Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Snoooy I would suggest telework. Becuase you are a virtual employee, an employer doesn’t have to worry about you messing with a customer or another employee. Yes, it is difficult with a sex offense on you record to get work. I agree. I am stilll in school and I have had employers tell me why are you going to school, no one will hire you. With your BA, you could be s manger for a company that has employees all across the country. My friend works for a local company and their HR lady is in Germany. Her husband is in the Army so she has to follow him.
The main thing employers are worried about is liability if you re offended “on the clock” If you are an virtual employee, most of that fear is wiped away.
I recommend being upfront and honest with them. Look, I have a sex crime from years ago, I know you may be scared but this is why you shouldn’t be.
Good Luck Brother!!