Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Besides Chuck, I don’t know your stories, and I don’t even know Chuck’s whole story… It doesn’t matter in one sense, except that we are all trying to move forward with our lives against a system unjustly and illegally stacked against us. I have a BA in business admin, and I can’t get a job doing anything. I even tried starting my own company and had people against me and almost lost the house in our failed business. If it wasn’t for my wife who has stood by me completely I would be living with my parents, homeless, in jail, or dead. I can honestly say that I do not deserve her despite all of my efforts to do so. I just want to be off of this stupid registry so I can have the specter of being violated by accident just gone. Someone called in a supposed tip against me about an e-mail address and I got to have a chat with a state trooper back in Feb. of this year. I was honest with him and arguing with him that because I was convicted BEFORE Dec 2012 I was able to give my non-in-person updates via mail to Harrisburg which is what I had done. He was telling me that NOBODY could do that, sent me home and told me to send him paperwork proving my side of the story. I sent him paperwork from the state’s own Megan’s law site. I sent him a copy of the completed form I mailed. When I went back for my required in-person update later he told me he did not believe that I had mailed something and kept trying to get me to admit that I lied to him. I had not lied and that’s what I told him. He said he does not believe me and will be talking to the DA, although right now there is some uncertainty with sex offenders and the legal system so I might not be charged because of that – somehow I think I know a bit more about that situation than he does thanks to all y’all and this website. It’s been almost two months since then and I still live in fear and am terrified when the phone rings, or if there is a knock on the door (happening all the time right now because of package deliveries for Christmas). Ironically, pre Sorna if I am correct I would not have had to disclose my e-mails.

Even off of the registry I have to wonder what next… I just watched Al Franken being pushed out as a US Senator, because of just allegations. Granted, there was a picture, and it was a bad picture, but very obvious a comedic picture. It just makes me terrified and worried about what the future holds for those of us in this Harvey Weinstein era where we don’t just have accusations, but are actually convicted.