Reply To: Pennsylvania Legislature attempts to “fix” unconstitutional law

Wisdom of Solomon

Note to Pennsylvania Legislature: HOW ABOUT ABOLISHING THE REGISTRY ALTOGETHER???!!! And for all the other 49 states, the same message. This is not NAZI GERMANY circa 1930! If you want excessive punishment for people who commit sex crimes then build the excessive punishment into your penal code and be done with it. In other words, do all the punishing of the prep at the time of his/her trial, not add on years AFTER conviction and sentence. Does that not violate the EX POST FACTO CLAUSE??? Which by the way is being steadily eroded by the federal courts—along with the rest of the US Constitution. And about the US Constitution, I wish I could get an artist to draw this picture: “A town square, in the year 1776, the US Constitution stands on a high pedestal, 10 feet high, muscle bound, proud, a crowd standing around it, in awe, praising the new document. Flash forward to the year 2017, a back alley any city USA, the document, diminished to only 2 feet, tattered, torn, sloven, cigarette butt in its mouth and empty wine bottle in hand, musing about its past glory.” Yes ladies and gentleman, this is or will be very soon, the fate of our precious US Constitution.