Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


What is my understand as each new version was passed, it repealed the previous one. However. due to Neiman, Pa is now saying “Oh no no, Megans II is still active”.
I am sure if SCOTUS denies Freed’s petition, and they pass their “Muniz Fix” they will be a challenge. My question is isn’t adjusting the registry Ex post facto?? In others words, even if they are able to make the registry non puntitive, don’t they still have to take all those people off that are pre 2012?
I think they are giving it the college try. Let’s wave our magic wand, if it’s works, oh shit, we got luckly. If it doesn’t, oh well we were going to lose anyways.”

I am dying to hear what the PA Supreme Court has to say about this. I think they are going to smack them down HARD. Basically, they are saying it doesn’t matter what you say we will just ignore it.