Reply To: Pennsylvania Legislature attempts to “fix” unconstitutional law


“That would mean victims of those who have been deemed sexually violent predators would no longer get notice of changes in their circumstance, such as where they live or work or what type of car they drive”

That would mean “victims” would never be able to put this sh*t behind them. Even the “victims” of consensual relationships.
Also, this is the same excuse that ALL states use as a means to say we NEED a registry. Yet NOT ALL states require lifetime registration, so, therefore it’s a load of horsesh*t because EVENTUALLY we come OFF the registries. Then what? What does the “victim” have to say then? Nothing. Because then it goes from “keeping the victims aware” to “oh well, they (the offenders) have fulfilled their obligation, now they’re free to live their lives”
This makes 0 sense to a level headed person.

“We think it’s important for public safety to know who’s a convicted sex offender and where they’re residing,”

Yeah, they THINK. But they’re not entirely SURE. But they don’t care where the gang members, drug pushers or armed robbers live. Interesting.

Welcome to the USA; Land of the fear mongering, home of the unforgiving.