Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


You have to understand that Smith v Doe (2003) has been the holy grail for them for almost as long as there has been a Megans Law. As you will remember, Smith v Doe is the Supreme Court case that said registering on Megans Law is a civil penalty therefore it is not punishment and therefore Ex post facto does not apply.
Now that it is falling apart, they do not know what to do. Every idea they get, “Ah, that won’t work because of ex post facto”. They are freaking out that the voters are going to blame them.
The best thing we can do is just go on with our day to day. They are going to talk **** and introduce many many bills. Let them. It only bolsters our argument that the registry is cruel and unusal.
My only concern is that they are going to wait till SCOTUS denies Freed’s petition and then try to say “No, we can’t enforce the court’s ruling due to all these new laws”. I have enough legal bills trying to rebuild my life much less trying to stop them from having me start all over. However, if they want this fight, we will bring it to them.
Until they actually pass something and Governor Wolf signs it, it is all talk,and talk is cheap.