Reply To: Sex offenders need not apply

Thomas Darby

I was never offered any sort of counseling, either in prison or out of it. I survived, but I know I would have benefitted from a rational program. But therein lies a problem… the programs offered to sex offenders are often not rational. A program that a friend attends in Southern California as a condition of parole is a case in point. There is no real discussion, or workbooks, or methods of change. Only the leader (a woman) blasting the men with her rhetoric of hate, even saying she’d like to see them all dead. And she quotes the long-disproven statistics of “98% of sex offenders do it again,” as if they were Gospel.

We need good programs. Perhaps because of irrational attitudes, sex offenders should have separate programs to prevent conflicts. But if real change is wanted, if you really want to protect children, help the RSO learn new behaviors through REAL interactive programs!