Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

PSP will try to drag their feet and use a case by case review lie to justify the delays to remove the names- they have to review 18,500 people case by case with only a staff of 8 people in the ML section office. Some may have to sue the PSP to be taken off.

The PSP is pushing to revert some back to ML-2 but the problem with that is – It will take a legislative fix – that will have a 2017 or 2018 date of effectiveness on that law and if your offense date is prior to that date then they are right back a retroactive application of a law, and starting the Muniz argument all over again. EX POST FACTO

The PSP will not send letter out- they will wait until SO’s write them and ask to be removed off the registry with a letter of cease and stop hurting my reputation under muniz.

The PSP will come up with clever tricks to find reason to delay the process. You all will see it and will be frustrated that you still have to go in a see them. . . . . . .

Mandamus is the route to take by a court order. . . . . . . injunction relief . . . .. . as I have been telling all. . . . . In a Commonwealth Court…….. Smile