Reply To: Sex offenders need not apply


Brian I have to agree with you I don’t put much faith in some that would sabotage one. As in my case of this sexting thing I am under. Sure at the whole start I had to go to group sex treatment.. The instructor would go around the group and ask for your payment. I really don’t know how long the course was as all I know is that that is the first thing the instructor ask the group was the money. If one got anything out of the course that is his bag but honestly I don’t see much about these sex treatment programs.
After I finished the course they come back to me about going back to class again but something strange happened this time around. Although I knew the instructor their was a whole new group of people and I had a word in front of class with one of the people and the instructor didn’t seem to like it as he was a new-be in the group as well as all the rest so they decided I no longer needed the class., that was from the DA, the probation officer, & the instructor.
Brian what I believe its all about is money but some still have that sort of hard head mentality… a sort of bullish type of thing so I said my peace and am no longer in the class. I thought I did something wrong again.
Bottom line is group is all bulling and scare tactic if you ask me. Sure we all get angry. Even the bible says get angry.
As far as computers they are good in certain ways but when police sabotage one than that is calling the kettle black if you ask me. Now I use my computer for my sales work and customer client relationship so to speak. Sure we are only human but when police play a rock’ um sock ‘um robot on one its not goes a bit overboard and the police become the deceptor’s. That in itself is just plain wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right but money does smell sweet.