Reply To: Sex offenders need not apply

George in Texas

I would think that this type of program would help all incarcerated individuals irregardless of whether their crime is of a violent nature or not. Especially those who have a crime of a violent sexual crime. I haven’t seen any statistical studies that show a great deal of higher reoffense rates for felons convicted of violent sex offenses compared to nonviolent sex offenses.

Most of the credible studies that I’ve seen show that all reoffense rates for any sexual crime is much lower than for pretty much any other crime, whatsoever.

I don’t think we should be subdividing our unique class of individuals into ones that deserve more help than others. We face enough discrimination from society as a whole without discriminating from within.

Yes, I do believe that there are a very minute number of people convicted of sex crimes who will never change and I also believe that there are tools in place to identify these individuals, in my opinion these are the only ones who possibly warrant the super-intensive supervision that most of us face on a day-to-day basis.