Reply To: Sex offenders need not apply


That’s kind of stupid don’t you think, he lets help everyone accept for sex offenders, violent criminals and burglars, and now their going to say oh why do these people keep reoffending I don’t get it why. Let me think, maybe because you just curb us and put us to the side and except people to miraculously get better or change without guidance and a path to get help and work and whatnot, if there was no internet we would be screwed as RSO’s but we do, and hopefully some government officials who actually cares might see this garbage and say why aren’t these people allowed access to help, don’t you idiots get it they are human after all, they deserve all the things everyone else is entitled to this S@%T has to stop just stop it, stop punishing these people and just leave them the hell alone already, have they not had enough punishment?