Reply To: Troubling consequences of federal child pornography laws



I am genuinely blown away by what i am reading! Whether its pictures, video or whatever media it doesnt change the fact that we’re talking about children here!!! You all expect these woe is me sob stories about the law being to strict on you to be taken seriously? Those kids arent old enough to make these kinds of decisions for themselves. That means, these kids are coerced in some form to take part in whatever video, pic, whatever it is. Im a parent and to think that you people are whining about being to harshly punished for abusing, and yes, it is abusing, these, might as well be my, kids is infuriating! As a parent i understand the mind set and understanding level of children. They truly dont have the comprehension level needed to truly consent to this. They just dont understand. Make all the excuses you want but it doesn’t make this stuff ok. I truly believe that the laws and punishments for you people arent strict enough! If it where up to me they would be a million times harsher. Its called self control people! Just because its hard for you to control yourselves doesn’t excuse the behavior in any way. Just because its hard for you to keep your sickness in your head and out of the real world, doesn’t make it acceptable for you to hurt these children. And yes, “just looking at a picture in my own home” still abuses the child that had to go through that and god knows what else to create said picture! You should all be ashamed of yourselves and anyone who is trying to fight laws that protect our children should be as well! Disgusting!