Reply To: NARSOL gears up to challenge Int’l Megan’s Law


I sort of liked the story about the dots ganging up on the little dots or you do as I say and don’t sass back. In certain ways those dots make a lot of sense. I do believe its time, and I like the way NARSOL is gearing up for this IML challenge someone in congress could have called it statewide IML it boils down to the same thing and that’s “We are all carnal by nature”, and who ate the fruit first as I mentioned.
A lot of this sex law and ordinance law stuff is man’s way to overpower. Excuse me God is still the main authority. Why do you think it says in the bible .. unless your righteousness be above the scribes and Pharisee’s. I will give you one of my own examples…. my sister is one of those that wants to always know why and like all females wants to win and be right on everything… that has been the way women have been since the dawn of time… or why didn’t the man eat the fruit first.
I got violated earlier this summer when I told them at a surprise polygraph test that I was on face book…. well I told the truth…. the tester stopped the test went to the probationer and we exchange words…. I told him why I was on face book and that was to sign up to campaign for Donald Trump at the call center. Even thought I told the truth my probation officer said ….. you disobeyed my orders…. not the court orders…. anyway we go to court and my lawyer didn’t want me to speak up but I did. My probation officer was hoping that I would explain to the judge my situation but that wasn’t the time. If I hadn’t already paid off my fine and all that stuff I’m sure things would of been different.
We all should take a lesson from the movie “Walking Tall” one can either walk tall or walk small.
All this stuff is scandalous and since it has a sexual “flavor” is juicy gossip….. Look at these news casters and those in Hollywood but something like pretending to be someone who they are not is down right pulling the wool over one. They will even do that in court if one gives them a chance so do not back down. Robin I feel for you not to be able to go to Church now and than and that is taking away a liberty also. Lets face it we are all made a little lower than the angels…I guess the government doesn’t see it that way.