Reply To: NARSOL gears up to challenge Int’l Megan’s Law


This is the same thought I have, what is the point to spend 100s of thousands to fight IML if you still have the same result when you attempt to travel because you are still on the registry and will have angel watch send out notices to which ever country you are going to. I myself have family in another country and am unable to see them but I would rather see the main problem be solved which is the registry or at least a fair way to get off that did not involved spending 10s of thousand of dollars which I have already spent only to have the last one in the long journey denied me which was the Judge. The de registration program in my state has been a total joke, be approved to de register by the council, check, pay for a very expensive evaluation and be a low risk, check, pay a attorney and their team 10s of thousands of dollars, check, have witness and letters from 20 to 30 people, check, then pay for the evaluation specialist to go to court as well as treatment providers, check, then have a court room full of supporters and the Judge says NO and acting like he did not even want to be there. The only winner was the attorney and the specialist that I had to pay so much to for a wish and hope. Yea sounds fair to me after all these years, so the registry is the root of all problems not all these other laws that they add as fast as they can. There has to be a federal law that allows you to get off, not a state that has life time for most all offences. Just my 2 cents because I know even if we fought IML and won we will still not be allowed to travel to many countries as long as we are on the registry. I have said many times to people how I miss my family but there is not one GD thing I can do at this point so I live, work and do the best I can with the shitty hand that has been dealt after I served my punishment many years ago. I understand many people just wish to unite with their families, be able to travel where they would like, move the hell out and never come back but the facts are it is a pipe dream as long as you are on the registry. Most of us have learned from our crimes, became much better human beings and have strived so hard for redemption that seems to never come. Most have lost every thing at one point and rebuilt what they could even against the odds but the scarlet letter can not be removed until the registry is redesigned or thrown away. Our families have been the ones to really suffer for our crimes and they were innocent. There are many ways to fight, to fight these low life lawmakers who are corrupt as they come, who in many cases are guilty of the same crimes we did but have the money and power to walk away while they keep piling on BS and insane laws on us. I have always accepted responsibility for my actions and did deserve my punishment but this crap has gone way to far after the facts. I have donated many times before to this group, to California and to Texas as well as a few others but I will hold my money tight until I am convinced that we have the right fight then I will donate generously. Bottom line I got way off track from the subject, I will donate when you all come up with a good game plan.