Reply To: NARSOL gears up to challenge Int’l Megan’s Law



IML may potentially be a RICO scheme. It is government-sanctioned extortion and blackmail. One must surrender property (money) to the government under threat of loss of liberty (the God-given natural right to travel on His earth) and having additional socially-damaging information released to the public. They are converting a natural right into ‘privilge’, which is unconstitutional. People have unwittingly given up their natural rights in exchange for permission (license) from other men for a fee. If one does not pay the exaction fee to obtain a passport just to carry the government’s message for them while exercising one’s natural right to travel, then it is a taking of property (liberty). A license also constitutes a tax. We are being taxed to exercise our natural rights. And even if you do not believe in God or a Higher Power, then your natural rights exists simply because YOU exist…they do not come from pieces of paper called constitution or Bill or Rights; those documents are in place simply to help protect the natural rights all of us were born with…it is our birthright that we mistakenly surrended in exchange for mere priviliges by our fellow mankind that can be given and revoked at whim. Everything is turned upside down. We are STILL the Masters, even though the public SERVANTS think they are…it’s all about knowing who you are. Research historical documents…we were given the same rights as the King, with few exceptions. The following short video, while addressing an entirely different topic — which is NOT intended at all to provoke a debate on that subject in this forum — but is merely representative of what is happending to RSO’s and their families: