Reply To: Tenth Circuit COA upholds Oklahoma driver’s license requirement


One must pay money to the STATE (DMV, etc.) to obtain that license or ID just to carry the government’s message (a/k/a/ scarlett letter) for them. If you do NOT pay the fee they are trying to exact from you to enrich themselves just so you can carry the government’s message for them and be further publicly disgraced in the process by displaying ID with the scarlett letter, then you are either threatened with imprisonment and other criminal penalties, or you are actually imprisoned. This is nothing less than government-sanctioned extortion and blackmail, both of which are illegal. The government is exacting (usury) money (property) from people under the threat of going to jail and having additional socially-damaging information released to the public for not complying with their threats by which they are profiting via the fees exacted from the individual.