Reply To: NARSOL gears up to challenge Int’l Megan’s Law


Registry Rage

We can’t sit on our hands “waiting for the law to change” and remain silent.

What Megan’s Law (in any iteration) attempts to thwart or curtail is not possible because identification is NOT awareness and that doesn’t translate into tangible prevention. The argument needs to be made that what the registry tries to prevent is statistically insignificant, so by extension, community notification does NOT minimize risk, much less promote the safety health and welfare of children and vulnerable adults. The legislative intent will never be met because it’s quite simply unobtainable. There is no scope or standard of measure to calculate it’s merits other than giving parents a false sense of relief and illusion of control and normalcy of their child’s safety. Finally, the registry does NOT “inform,” it gives a forced and emotionally biased perspective without knowing the actual risk dynamics of an individual, but instead paints them with the same brush (guilt by association).

It’s weaponized hate, oppression and subjugation.