Reply To: NARSOL gears up to challenge Int’l Megan’s Law


Ive voice my concern on ascol about living overseas. Contacted every department of government that should be able to give me an answer, and come up with no answers other thab being led around in circles of who could give me an answer. Contacted ICE and DHS about a month ago and still havent heard from them.

I dont live in the United States but am still stuck on the NY registry because their lack of wording in the law, hopefully the ruling they made before will help as i wasnt convicted in NY, still waiting on their answer.

My biggest fear is getting my passport revoked while living overseas with my wife. Its good until 2024 but ive only got about 8 pages left (4 front and back) my hopes are that IML will get struck down so that i wont be torn away from my wife and sent back to a country where I have no ties, no home, nothing.

It will be years before i can apply permanent residence here due to their strict laws in immigration for male spouses. So here’s hoping someone that someone in the government comes to their senses