Reply To: NARSOL gears up to challenge Int’l Megan’s Law


I’m sure a lot of you people are going thru tough times. Sure I wish I had the money this whole ordeal has cost me as well as I’m sure you all would also, not to mention the homeless, jobless, and looked down for starting a new life but life is not a bed of roses when one is involved with this sex offender law. As I have said something good comes out of something bad. So you had a potty mouth, or you got a bit to frisky with that gal or you touched someone inappropriately or immorality? Now you need someone to step up to the post and get some of these sex offender things wiped off the books. I know NARSOL and other organization’s are doing the best for those involves in all this but their is an ingredient missing and that is truth and honesty.
Now these court systems are more of ministers of Satan than ministers of God or servants in certain perspective’s. They are false teachers with false promises. They look for fame and notoriety and look for those in their circles to look up to.
They could care less about setting you up, just the same as that gal that screamed rape on you or conned you with something like, if you don’t do what I tell you I will tell the police you raped me… and it has happened before. I believe Tom Jones wrote a song called Deliah which tells you a bit about deception of a lot of these types of things.

Anymore you can’t even touch a person or use a potty word … are these police the sin squad or out for their fame and fortune and promotions and such?