Reply To: Is prison abuse just part of a sex offender’s sentence?



I’m sure 90% of us have been there done it and still dealing with it, no reason to loose hope my friend, I know it’s a cold cold world out there being an SO or not but much worse for SO’s, I look at it like this, yes it will all end when we’re all dead and gone but we fight the good fight, I look forward in seeing all this bastards who want to point and laugh at us and the ones who want to put us on theses web sites and registries and keep on punishing us , go in front of GOD and explain to him why we deserve this crap, why we all deserve to keep suffering for life even though we paid our debt to society and some of us who were never really a threat to society and some who were a threat but are no longer a threat due to healing and what not, please explain that to god while your falling to hell with nothing to save your asses because you have chosen to judge RSO’s and make there families suffer and condem them like Hitler did to the Jew’s.