Reply To: NARSOL gears up to challenge Int’l Megan’s Law


Megan’s Law was started due to the kidnapping, rape and murder of a SEVEN YEAR OLD CHILD.
Megan’s Law was NOT started because of teenager/adult relationships or getting caught having sex in the restroom of a public venue (which we are shown in movies as something “cool”), nor was it started for teenagers sexting each other.
So why are all these lumped into the idea of “public” safety? And why the hell are they considered FELONIES?

I can never own a simple hand gun for home protection nor can I ever go hunting because SOME HOW, my rendezvous with a post pubescent CONSENTING TEENAGER (not a 7 yr old child) makes me capable of getting a gun and just randomly shooting people?
(Note; when I refer to *me* I’m speaking for all of us here, not solely me personally).

Any damn person with NO CRIMINAL RECORD can go buy a gun and then go home to shoot their cheating spouse.
Just like any corporate bigwig or even politician can go on a trip to south east Asia with the hidden purpose to have sex with minors.
So what exactly does this IML REALLY do to stop overseas sexual abuse? Ah…I’ve got the answer right here….


Every time I read stories about a sex crime or a gun crime, the first thing the comments say is; “Why didn’t they do a thorough background check?”

Ummmm….how thorough can you get if NO RECORD OF ANY TYPE SHOWS UP? Duh, my fellow Americans. Duh!
The only alternative now is to come up with a device that can READ PEOPLE’S MINDS. Especially the ones who don’t have any criminal record.