Reply To: NARSOL gears up to challenge Int’l Megan’s Law

Tod Siegel

Simple question, IF you are removed from the registry, before your passport expires, will it still be stamped once it is renewed? From what I understand, if you don’t have to register, than you wouldn’t have to register to travel, etc? From what Robin is saying, and Larry, who tends to be more pessimistic, any victory over IML is next to impossible, especially after the bad ruling on DL’s in the 10th circuit. Sooo, it sounds like the fight should be more focused on following up on the 6th, 10th District (but since the 10th circuit upheld the DL, it sounds more likely they will overturn Matshch, sadly) and PA supreme, etc and elimating the registry, or at minimal Ex Post Facto – which in turn would eliminate the need to worry about IML if are not on the SO registry? Even if Matsch is over turned, which would suck, if I am released from the registry after my min time, same question – off the registry – no passport stamp, right?